Help with the application for the EU Settlement Status.


With cooperation with Evesham - Mocni w Panu, Polish Expats Assoc and European Connection Forum,

we can help with filling application for the EUSS.

Sessions take place in Worcester and Evesham. We invite everyone who needs help completing the application.

We accept applications by email: Phone: 0734 063 43 26.

Pomoc w aplikacji o status osoby osiedlonej.


Dzięki współpracy z Evesham - Mocni w Panu, Polish Expats Assoc i European Connection Forum, 

możemy pomoc w aplikowaniu o status osoby osiedlonej w UK. 
Sesje odbywaja sie w Worcester i Evesham. Zapraszamy wszystkich którzy potrzebują pomocy przy wypełnieniu aplikacji.
Zgłoszenia przyjmujemy przez email: Tel: 0734 063 43 26.



New Yellow Scarf Support Group in Cheltenham!!!

If you have a problem with addiction of psychoactive substances these meetings are addressed to you!
On the occasion of cooperation with a BBCH Group, everyone who are looking for help can come to a meeting every Thursday at 18:30 in Cheltenham (27 Rodney Road, Lower Ground Floor).
We will be really happy if you enjoy to us!
Apart from the Yellow Scarf meetings, BBCH Group also provides:
  • Free English lessons;
  • Consultations for people who need assistance in social, official and financialcases.
Remember - the first step is the most important!!!
You're more than welcome!
Nowa grupa Yellow Scarf w  Cheltenham. 


Dzięki współpracy z grupom BBCH wszyscy którzy szukają pomocy w mogą przyjść na spotkanie w każdy czwartek o godzinie 18:30. Spotkania przeznaczone są dla wszystkich którzy borykają się z problemem uzależnienia od środków psychoaktywnych. Zapraszamy serdecznie. 


Oprócz spotkań Grupy wsparcia Yellow Scarf dla osób uzależnionych od środków psychoaktywnych grupa BBCH zapewnia także:

- Bezpłatne lekcje języka angielskiego
- Konsultacje dla osób potrzebujących pomocy w sprawach socjalnych, urzędowych oraz finansowych

- Grupa wsparcia Yellow Scarf dla osób uzależnionych od środków psychoaktywnych


Zapraszamy serdecznie.




Welcome to our Spring Malvern Hills walk approx. 5 miles, Start Great Malvern Railway station. Middle stage St Anne’s Well Café, final stage all meet at top of Worcestershire beacon finish.

All ages welcome and families, we have provided sponsorship form to be download from our website to obtain sponsors, upon completion of walk you will be rewarded with a certificate. You will be responsible for the collection of of final monies to be given to Rafal or Ian from Yellow Scarf.

If you would rather you can make a single donation, if you can not or not able to do the walk, or would not wish to obtain sponsors; upon our website link which will take you through to our payment system, can be made via Debit Card, Visa etc.



Yellow Scarf and Online Awareness Project


Information about Yellow Scarf and Online Awareness Project.

Through many years of experience, based upon help given to people with addictions; we have now developed our own recovery program, which is based on four recovery stages.

The four stages of the recovery program are designed to not only improve the life of an addict but also the life of their families and the community which surrounds them.

Four Stage Recovery ( FSR) 

1. Acceptance

2. Understanding

3. Action

4. Influences

Basic but important rules on which our recovery program is based.

1. Our program is based on full abstinence.

2. Our program needs the service users full commitment, honesty, acceptance and cooperation.

3. Our program requires the service users to take responsibilities for their actions.

4. Our program is built on changing peoples lives for the better and to help them find themselves.

5. Our program is not for a temporary fix but is for a full lifetime recovery.

6. Our program is designed to help the service users and also their families with addictions.

7. Our program is not based on religious beliefs but rather faith in the individual.

8. Our program does not define the service users by their different types of addiction, we believe all addictions have equal consequences on peoples lives.

9. Recovery does not only involve detachment from addictive substances, the most important part is to change peoples understanding of their lives, finding a new purpose and direction.

At present we run three groups located in Worcester and Evesham where addicts can come and attend on a regular basis each week.

We also run one group which is specifically designed for the families of the service users. On average we have about 6 people attending each of these groups. Our experience has been that this small group size helps people to be more open, leading to a better, more secure recovery and an easier integration back into their own community.

During the previous year we received requests for help from different parts of the UK. For this reason, we set up a blog where we are able to give advice to everyone who is not able to join our meetings in person due to location or transport service access.

During 2015 we had 2100 people accessing our blog, without any  need for advertising of our services, people discovered us through recommendations of our patients past and present, or via  various networks which we are also associated with.

Blog web address:

 Most of our staff have been through the recovery process themselves so they not only have a experience of recovery procedure but practical knowledge as well.

Yellow Scarf works closely with other organisations that offer help with issues such as homelessness and financial problems. Therefore, we are well placed to offer help and advice on a range of issues and problems.

Due to our wide network of contacts we can recommend people to different organisations if their problems is being outside of our remit.

Some of the organisations we work with are POLICE, NHS, Church of England, YMCA, St. Pauls Hostel, City and County Council, Swanswell and various others. We have built our relationships with these organisations through our good record of delivery.

Yellow Scarf is ready to help large numbers of people and this is why we need your help to make this possible.

Every pound we collect through your support and donations will make someone's life better and it will make our community a better place to live.


  This project is designed to help people to overcome their addictions and to help them with integration into their communities




More details and recommendations in the links bellow:


Thank you for your support

Rafal Piekarczyk

Yellow Scarf Director





Yellow Scarf
  info at yellowscarf dot org dot uk



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