What we do

Our organisation helps individuals with alcohol dependency and socially excluded/destitute or homeless people. Our service users targets mainly Eastern European immigrants who struggle with accessing main stream service provision. We started helping dependent people as a Help Centre in August 2011. We began to organise our meetings once a week. With large number of people coming to our meeting, we have decided to increase the number of them. We have also begun organising different events.

What we do:

Meetings can be usually divided into therapeutic sessions based largely on the AA model, and meetings with people at risk of job loss, homelessness, depression and other mental health issues. No all participants/service users are necessarily dependent on substances. Some participants, often due to their difficult material circumstances and mental health issues, can be classified as high-risk persons. We also engage very closely with their relatives. Our service is unique in terms of catering for individuals who experience communication as the main obstacle to accessing services. Our group coordinator and volunteers are fully bilingual and have also a good grasp of several Eastern European languages. This proves to make crucial difference in terms of reaching the most vulnerable people who would otherwise find limited or no support to their complex problems.

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